9 Best Remote Teaching Tools for Teachers

There are many reasons you may need to edit your audio or video. For example, many university online platforms restrict the size of files you can upload, so you may have to cut long videos. Or, the sound may be too quiet, or maybe it was too noisy when you recorded it, so you need to make adjustments to the audio. Open Broadcast Studio is a professional, open source audio and video recording tool that allows you to record, stream instantly, and do much more. OBS is available for all major platforms , so interoperability with your colleagues and their various devices is ensured. Provide students opportunities to check their understanding of asynchronously delivered materials and reflect on how that understanding is connected with course goals.

remote teaching tools

Collaborating on co-construction of documents, organization of ideas, phases in projects/milestones, assigning tasks to one another, group presentations, etc. Groups to collaborate on synthesizing concepts from course materials/readings, potentially sharing with the instructor for feedback . Lecture, working through examples, Cloud Security Assessments Cloud Security Audit students working on practice exercises with instructor and/or peer support. See some alignments of toolkit functionality to teaching format below. Now, it’s time to move on to responses from today’s guests…. Larry Ferlazzo is an English and social studies teacher at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, Calif.

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Advance planning helps you to identify differences between in-person and remote instruction and make necessary modifications. Lesson Plan Template Keep resources easily accessible to students. Any documents, files, or links can be stored in a central location (i.e. Google Drive, DropBox, etc.) where students can access from wherever they are and from any device. Make sure to clearly explain to the students where the documents are located and how to access them.

You can even record the sessions for students who need to review later. This video and audio conferencing tool has a chat functionality where students can ask questions as you teach. Many teachers already use this as one of the top virtual learning platforms for their classrooms.

Teachers can post images and ask students to write sentences about the images, which is a great activity for beginner ESL students. She enjoys helping her students figure out what they are meant to do in life and guiding teachers in lesson-design creation. In her free time, you will usually find her backstage assisting with line memorization, costumes, or concessions; analyzing a screenplay; or at home journaling or mastering PiYo. Math Learning Center – This virtual manipulative website is a staple in mathematics classrooms where students interact with familiar manipulatives such as base 10 blocks. Teachers can customize the site by creating problems, saving templates, and sharing private links with students. The best part is that the tools encourage flexible thinking as students explore multiple ways to model their understanding.

If you are in charge of teaching several classes online, you may have various resources that you refer to. Make sure that you have a proper system in place to keep everything organized. Create folders for each class, under which you can create subfolders for each lesson. Back these up regularly with an external hard drive or utilize an online storage software to keep them backed up in the cloud. Google Jamboard is an online interactive whiteboard platform that is part of the G Suite package.

Virtual Learning Platforms and Tools for Teachers and Kids

To find resources that we have reviewed , go to cambridgeinternational.org/pathway and find your qualification. Next, select the ‘Published resources’ link on the left hand side. You will see a list of all the endorsed text books for your subject, plus other suggested resources which include online materials. All the tools still require the skill, experience and expertise of a teacher. Software to create lessons with informative and interactive assessment activities.

  • Seesaw provides a great alternative for creating learning loops that connect teachers, students, and parents.
  • For project management, managers can also create assignments for team members.
  • This gives access to more students and opens possibilities for collaboration.
  • Unlike traditional school settings where students can talk with teachers in person, online contact is necessary to keep kids motivated to hand in assignments on time and stay on track.

Virtual learning tools for teachers include a combination of helpful programs and online learning platforms. For example, learning platforms like Zoom or Google Classroom and apps such as Duolingo make learning anywhere an efficient and enjoyable experience. Over the past few years, virtual learning tools have transformed the way educators teach. Not only do these tools simplify lesson plan creation, they also facilitate communication and social interaction between your students. DescriptionSuggestions of how to useCrowdsignalThis is a polling tool you can use to create surveys, reviews and quizzes.

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Prodigy Math Game is an adaptive learning platform for grades 1 to 8. Aligned to curriculum across the United States and around the world, you can be confident that students will stay engaged and learning no matter where they are. Our list should help teachers make the right decisions on which applications suit their various online subjects the best. Recording a worked example and linking to it in Canvas to deliver it to students outside of face-to-face/synchronous class time. Course concepts are discussed during class in small groups and/or full class. Students may be given assignments (e.g., readings) before class and asked to be prepared to discuss during class.

Teachers can create presentations from scratch or add interactive questions to existing presentations. Peardeck — is one of the mainstays of my synchronous classes. Engagement is in real time and responses from all students are immediately visible. The add-on tool is available in Google Slides, and Peardeck tools may be added to individual Slides. Another great feature is that the Peardeck platform saves class sessions.

Looking for a really simple app that can do screen captures and regular classroom presentations? Loom is a fuss-free way to record, narrate, and share lectures with an easier way to communicate than text. You can display your lecture with your talking head in the bottom corner, too.

Create a learning loop between students, teachers, and families. Students show their learning, teachers gain insights, and families stay engaged. You’ll also find intuitive tools like draw+record, collage, video, and more. Bloomz allows teachers to connect, organize, and stay in touch with students and parents. Parents and teachers won’t have to open and close several apps, making it simple and stress-free for you to communicate and share information.

remote teaching tools

These include operations dashboard, idea sketch pads, and design canvas. MURAL also gives its clients lots of help learning the platform as well as great customer service. The following linked resources and Guide to Getting Startedare intended to support faculty and instructors who are teaching remotely.

Nearpod is a fantastic add-on for Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations. Teachers may use their own presentations or select from lessons and videos in their impressive template library. Build polls, games and collaborative boards to keep your students interested to learn.

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Blackboard is an advanced LMS tool perfectly suited for kindergarten to high school. This platform works on any device and it’s easily accessible to all students. Blackboard Learn also gives teachers access to several third-party tools. Edmodo’s series of tools enables teachers to share course content, inspire collaboration and build an energetic and positive classroom. Parents can also receive updates about their kids’ progress. Since the beginning of the pandemic, online learning has helped limit the spread of COVID-19.

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Two of the open source apps to explore are OpenShot and Shotcut. Of the two, Shotcut is a more advanced program, which implies a slightly steeper learning curve. Both are cross-platform and have full support for https://cryptonews.wiki/ hardware encoding with NVidia and other graphics cards, which will substantially lower processing time compared to CPU-only processing. After you record your podcast or video, you may find that it needs editing.

Conducting online lessons come with its own challenges and requirements in terms of preparations. Below are 7 best practices you can incorporate in your daily online lessons to make them more productive and engaging. The co-founders were aiming to create a visual collaboration platform that would be ideal for remote work. Conceptboard offers a free plan which lets you add up to 100 objects per board. Paid plans go for $6 and $9.50 per user per month billed annually. You can do freehand drawing with a number of pen tools like in Paint programs.