How to Access the Dark Web

If you want to see what lurks behind the scenes on the internet, it’s very easy to get access to the dark web. However, there are risks. Think of it as walking into a city with hidden back streets: It’s simple enough to explore, but taking the wrong route could land you in trouble.

The dark web is a hotbed of criminal activity, which includes black-hat hackers, drug dealing and terrorism. It’s also a place to meet for those who aren’t a part of society, such as hitmen, human traffickers, and corrupt officials. The dark web isn’t only bad. It also serves as a conduit between political outcasts, and those from the free world. It lets whistleblowers anonymously report tips.

To browse the dark web you’ll require a special browser called Tor. It’s similar to a VPN in that it encrypts your data and removes geo-location labels your ISP or the government may use to track you. Tor also enhances your privacy by routing your request through a global network of volunteer servers all over the world.

After installing and configuring Tor Once you’ve installed and configured Tor, you’re able to begin exploring the dark web. There are many sites to explore, even although the content isn’t as well indexed as it is on the internet’s surface. There are sites where you can purchase illegal drugs and guns, as well guides on how to hide your digital footprint, or launch ransomware attacks.

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