The Benefits of Board Portals

The advantages of portals for board members go beyond the digitization of documents on paper. They allow directors to prepare meetings, manage tasks, and work with other members.

For example, when a director receives a text from the company secretary stating that her board papers have been uploaded to the portal, she’s aware she will have time to work on them during the weekend or on Tuesday afternoon to stay ahead of the agenda and to note key questions or issues. The director can also utilize the portal’s real-time analytics feature to determine how directors interact with information prior to the meeting and to see how much time they’re spending on each section or document.

This is particularly helpful for directors with a full schedule and a limited amount of time to devote to the board. A well-designed board portal is able to be access at any time from any device. Since most board members have their own devices to access other online services, it does not require a lengthy learning curve.

While ease of use is a major consideration for most directors when choosing board collaboration software but there are other elements that are equally important to consider as you evaluate different vendors. For instance, some platforms offer tools that enable directors to vote and keep notes of their decisions. This reduces the time required by the secretary and allows the board to make changes between meetings.