Working With Documents

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Documentation is any type of record that can be reviewed or retrieved at a future date. This includes records that are created on physical or paper form, as well as documents that are recorded in a digital format using computer software such as word processors spreadsheet software and image editing software. In most companies, documentation adheres to certain guidelines and conventions to ensure that every new document is at least a degree of similarity in format and structure to older documents. This helps ensure consistency and transparency within the workflow of documentation within the organization and ecosystem.

Unlike traditional physical or paper records, documents stored in digital formats are often assigned a unique name to differentiate them from other records. This helps to organize the documents and makes it easier to search for information without opening multiple documents in order to find it. Documentation is often arranged into folders, which makes it easier for users of a vast amount of information to locate specific records.

Apple apps like Pages and TextEdit and third-party applications that are available on the Mac App Store allow you to create a variety of documents. This includes reports, letters, essays, financial charts, presentations, slideshows and more. These documents can be used on different platforms and facilitate collaboration between team members.